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Calgarian goes to Thailand to join"Circus with a Purpose"

Kate Ryan will join Spark Circus on tour in Thailand

Kate Ryan has always loved coaching children and soon, she’ll get a chance to bring smiles to some families that could really use a boost.

Currently, she’s teaching Calgary pre-schoolers the art of hula hooping.

“Okay now, try and go fast. Jump!” Ryan shouts to the little group.

Passing on hula hoop basics never fails to make her grin.

“I love kids,” Ryan said.

Soon, she’ll head off to Thailand to volunteer with a circus that will tour refugee camps.

She and the other performers will be doing shows for families who’ve fled conflicts in Burma.

“The circus that I’m joining, we’re a circus with a purpose,” Ryan said.

“We’re hoping to inspire joy. We’re going to bring toys, art supplies, we’re going to teach them workshops.”

Ryan plans to leave for Thailand in early January and will spend about six weeks touring the country.

“I wish you all the best,” said Glenna Miller, a mother of one of the hula hooping pre-schoolers. “Those children there – and even the adults – you’re just going to bring them so much joy.”

Original Article Gil Tucker: https://globalnews.ca/news/3043173/calgarian-goes-to-thailand-to-join-a-circus-with-a-purpose/ (See Interview)

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