"The performance was a surprise for my husbands 50th bday party and the guests. Everyone enjoyed it so much and it really made the event memorable for all."



"We want her (Kate) back! Can we offer her a residency?!"

Zamir Dhanji

Artistic Director, Cartoon Network Amazone

"I just want to say a big thanks again for making our event so memorable! There was never ending compliments about the night and your performances overall. Thank you for bringing your talents and energy to our evening."

Deb Wiegers, Vice President
Wiegers Care for Kids

TEN: The Show

CIFF Audience Choice Award copy.jpg

A meticulous approach to contemporary circus, featuring seven of Canada's top artists in a breathtaking online format.

Having endured chaos, uncertainty, loss and a variety of hardships during a global pandemic, the artists behind TEN take an introspective look at the emotions that were prevalent throughout the past year. Through the expression of such experiences, TEN also showcases the strength, perseverance and resilience of the human condition.


Run Time: 25 - 40 minutes

Geared towards mature audiences
Full Technical Rider will be provided

Sugar Rush: Comedy Circus Show

Hula Hoop.jpg

Kate Ryan's comedy circus show features a magnitude  of stunning performances; circus hula hoop, face balancing, juggling, acrobatics, clown, socially distant audience participation and Canada's ONLY 100 hula hoop finale! This internationally performed show can be tailored to audiences of all ages, whether the event is a children's birthday party or a corporate gala.

Run Time: 20 - 45 minutes
Upon request: sound and light tech, stage manager and backstage assistant
Full Technical Rider will be provided


Dreams of Wonderland


After visiting Wonderland, Alice has been having the same recurring dream. Falling down the rabbit hole, but this time, everything is a bit different. Everything is familiar but something has changed. After her graceful flips and impressive drops down the silk-lined rabbit hole, Alice is greeted by The Cheshire Cat who lures her with her mesmerizing feats of contortion and impossible balancing acts up on top of razor-thin poles. To her surprise, the Mad Hatter is there to whisk her away to his tea party that seems to be even more twisted this time around. What could go wrong?

Run Time: 25 - 40 minutes

Geared towards adults. Children's version available
Full Technical Rider will be provided

Jason Circus

Screen Shot 2021-05-20 at 10.44.12

This show is filled with killer comedy, audience interaction and jaw-dropping stunts. A show specifically designed to give guests something to talk about for a long time to come. Able to accommodate any amount of time up to an hour, Jason’s stage show is ideal for corporate and private events, galas and award shows.
The modern comedy circus show that plays BIG! 

Run Time: 15 – 60 minutes
Optional Elements: Fire, LED & Glow, Custom Themes & Duo Acrobatics
Full Technical Rider will be provided

Experience: Contemporary Hula Hoop Act


Kate Ryan Hula Hoop Act 
Titled: Experience
Cinematography: Engel Visuals
Hula Hoops: Hoopologie
Run Time: 5 minutes
Geared towards adults.
Full Technical Rider will be provided