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FRINGE REVIEW: TEN: The Show is dreamy

Seemingly impossible balance acts, dancing twists and turns will make you look at the human body from a new perspective

Author of the article: Roger Levesque Publishing date: Aug 13, 2022 • August 16, 2022 • 1 minute read • Join the conversation

TEN: The Show is playing as part of the 2022 festival, Destination Fringe.


Original article: https://edmontonjournal.com/entertainment/local-arts/fringe-review-ten-the-show-is-dreamy

TEN: The Show

4.5 stars out of 5

Stage 1, Westbury Theatre (10330 84 Ave.)

Opening and closing voiceovers ponder the dream experience and TEN: The Show is often dreamlike, not making sense but riveting for its depiction of human physicality beyond the realm of those who aren’t dexterous athletes.

An underlying theme about facing the pandemic comes through but it’s almost superfluous to this work from Calgary’s Little Red Ball Company, devised and directed by Kate Ryan.

Dubbed “a circus” in some publicity, most of the show is a cross between gymnastics, acrobatics, occasional contortions and the contemplative, artsy tone of contemporary dance. The 10 separate, mostly solo sections benefit from evocative music and careful lighting to highlight the amazing moves of its six-member cast, half male and female. Props or devices are minimal but usually integral to the action: metal or plastic hoops, cloth or belts on a high pulley system for aerial suspension, a few mats or tables, and juggler’s balls or clubs.

It’s hard to describe, seemingly impossible balance acts, dancing twists and turns that will make you look at the human body from a new perspective. The spinning of hoops sometimes gives the props an illusory life of their own. One louder section features two male jugglers interacting over an old pop song.

My guess is that most people will find it hard to forget the dreamy parts.

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